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You have found the FAQ for rECHOllection, a near-future theatrical experience!

rECHOllection will take place Nov. 6th & 7th (Preview Oct. 30th) noon-3pm at Druid Hill Park. 


rECHOlleciton concluded on November 7th, 2021, but you may still enjoy this FAQ!

How do I get there? Can I park?

You will want to enter the park via Swann Drive and keep bearing right until you reach Latrobe Pavillion. (https://goo.gl/maps/om9X38pXtMPwNhgU9) There should be parking near or just beyond the pavilion. (Some mapping programs may attempt to take you in through the top of the park. Do not fall for this. It’s a trap.)

So what’s it all about?

Due to a temporal rift next to Latrobe Pavilion in Druid Hill Park, denizens from 2032 have mysteriously begun to appear in our space and time. As you encounter them, Submersive will be on hand to curate the experience. From what we can tell, future air and atmospheric quality has made it difficult for our friends from 2032 to spend time outside without full-body protection. The practice of physical distancing has only increased. Nonetheless, they appear to be harmless and unconcerned by the fact that they are visiting us from another time. This may be a common experience for them.

Okay, so what will actually happen?

That is mostly up to you! Check into the welcome station at Latrobe Pavilion for a brief overview. After that, you can explore the area of the rift and take in its sights and sounds for as long or short a time as you wish between noon and 3pm. You can attempt to interact or watch from a distance. Take your time. There is no narrative to unravel or game to win—just an afternoon in the life of Baltimoreans from 2032. Let it unfold at its own pace. Come and go as you please. This is as relaxed and open as immersive theatre can get. Seems like the kind of thing we all need right now. 

A temporal rift in Druid Hill Park and people from 2032...are you making this all up?

Well, it’s not part of the Marvel universe if that’s what you mean.

Is it really FREE!?

The event is free to the public. But it was not free for us to create! All artists involved were paid for their work. So we would greatly appreciate all donations large and small. If you want to encourage us to engage more often in public spaces with no tickets, gateways, lines, bouncers, or anything else that might keep people away, a donation is the best way to tell us that.

Venmo: @SubmersiveProductions

Paypal: info@SubmersiveProductions.com

This project is also supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council (msac.org), and the Nora Roberts Foundation (norarobertsfoundation.org).

So no tickets, then? 

Nope. But you can let us know you are coming by responding to this Facebook Event (https://www.facebook.com/events/3108313262737083) and help us out by sharing news of this unique experience with every single person you know! Updates (including rain cancellations) will also be announced on the FB event page.

So how are you making money off of this!? 

We’re not. Unless you all surprise us by donating in large numbers. Please, go ahead. Surprise us. 

Is this experience appropriate for all ages?

Yes. All ages are welcome. Please attend to any younger person who you would not otherwise set loose in a busy park.

Are there any Content Warnings?

As far as we know, this experience does not contain any overt or realistic images or actions that might act as triggers. However, themes of grief, loss, climate change, and collective trauma from pandemics are explored by some characters. You are welcome to leave the temporal rift and return any time during the window of performance if you need to step away for any reason.  

Are Pets Allowed?

Dogs are allowed in the park, so long as they are on a leash. Please exercise common sense about how your dog may behave in an odd theatrical experience with many other people around them.

Could we, theoretically, have an actual picnic during the experience?

There should be ample space on the side of the rift closest to the pavillion to be able to pull this off. If a visitor from 2032 approaches you just as you are taking in a massive bite of avacado toast, what happens next is on you.

What happens if it rains?

Most likely we will have to cancel or postpone in the event of rain. Watch our social media outlets for updates!

Are you aware that there is a global pandemic? What precautions are you taking?

All audience members will be asked to remain masked and distanced throughout the experience. The entire experience is outdoors and fully ventilated. Performers will also be masked. If you forget your mask, one will be provided at the welcome area. Hand sanitizer (courtesy of Mt. Royal Soap Co.) will also be available. These precautions should keep the risk of transmission very, very low. 

Will there be restrooms?

There are brick-and-mortar restrooms by the basketball courts a short walk away.

Is the show accessible?

The event takes place in a grassy field lined by a paved and graded pathway, accessible by wheelchair. Much of the experience can be seen within steps of the pathway. The full experience will require modest amounts of walking or travel over grass that slopes in some areas. Limited seating on chairs and picnic blankets will be available. You may also bring your own.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at info@submersiveproductions.com


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